A MUST Read: The Dark Side of Fat Loss

HI All,

Many of you regular blog readers will be aware I am a massive fan of Sean and his Underground Wellness You Tube Channel and Podcast.   Well I just ordered, and comsumed The Dark Side of Fat Loss e-book by Sean Croxton.  It is awesome, I really am having trouble putting it into words.  The book itself does explain why we do NOT lose weight, and what we should do so we start shedding the pounds!

Sean, thanks for an awesome product and to tell the truth this is the first ever e-book I bought and it was great, glad I took the plunge!  You have definitely set the benchmark high for any future e-books I buy!  This book is a must for anyone interested in thier own health and fitness (even the personal trainers out there could learn a thing or two)!

Look out for a review in the next few weeks!

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