Over the past few years Tom has been working with a number of organisations to help them achieve their goals.  Tom uses his industry experience to help bring a new and innovative perspective to a range of business issues.

His consultancy is normally split down into 3 key areas of speciality:-

Fitness Education –

Tom has helped a number of training providers gain accreditation by an awarding body, initial set up of policy and procedure and staffing.  He has also worked with training providers to explore new markets and look at ways to maximise learner experience.  He has a key speciality in the project management and development of new innovative courses based on NOS or for accreditation by Skills Active or other AO’s (See course development section of this website).

Business and Marketing –

Tom has experience in developing a range of business strategies to help boost revenue and profits.  He has been behind a number of sales processes and new product launches in the fitness industry.  He is especially interested in the use of social media, brand awareness and SEO to boost the brand image of organisations in the fitness and leisure industry.

Exercise Referral Schemes –

Tom uses his experience working in exercise referral to help to design and implement policies to create successful exercise referral schemes that encourage adherence and interaction.  Schemes are designed using his knowledge of the various guidelines and as a developer of training for the fitness industry in this subject area.  Tom is known for his innovative and interactive patient centred approach to getting previously sedentary portions of the population active.  Tom operates his own exercise referral business, Foresight Exercise Referral, and operates as an independent consultant on service design and provision or as a service provider.