Quality Assurance

Tom is an established health and fitness education and quality assurer, having been involved in formal education since 2007.   He has worked for a number of key training providers in full time and also contract roles, supporting and leading in the development of quality systems.  Tom has held roles up to and including lead IQA and quality manager.

Tom has experience of working with small newly established training companies helping them to establish quality systems that will aid them through accreditation and allow them to grow with a focus on quality.  He has also worked with larger and more established providers to review and improve the quality offering and skills of staff.  He has experience of working with providers focused on self-funded/funded learners and Ofsted.

Some of the services Tom can offer include:

– Guidance through the awarding body accreditation process.

– Development and review of policy and procedures.

– Staff training and development.

– Verification of assessment process.

– Standardisation sessions.

– Preparation for and assistance with EQA visits.

– Conducting of internal health checks.

– Freelance lead IQA/quality manager services.

If you would like to look at how Tom can help you with the quality of your course offering please do get in contact for an initial discussion.