Thanks Lifetime Training

For the last nearly two years I have been working for Lifetime Training as part of their commercial quality team.  First thing that I have to say is how awesome it has been, the team I was part of are all highly skilled, experienced and truly expert people who genuinely have the learner at the heart of what they do.  I just wanted to say a couple of things about my time there.

I have taken the very hard decision to move on to a new position in a new organisation.  I am very sad to be leaving the Lifetime team but am also excited about my new role.  While at Lifetime I have really enjoyed working with the team I have been part of and for the management team that have been in place.  The team I feel was a high functioning and supportive of other functions across the division.  I have been very proud of the job we did and the projects that I was involved in. 

One of the most inspiring things about working at Lifetime is the culture, it really is an inspiring place where change is embraced and ideas welcomed.  I have learnt a great deal from the team I was part of and from the wider organisation. 

One of the things I have been very grateful for is the amount of learning and development that I have been through.  Lifetime has given me some amazing chances to develop my skills and understanding as a professional.  The learning culture is very positive and is really encouraged amongst the team.  This I feel is vital for a an organisation where learning is such a key aspect of the business.

While at Lifetime staring I was massively grateful to win a Spirit Award (sneaky pic below), these you are nominated for by not only your management team but also peers.  This meant a great deal to me as some of my peers had said some amazing things about my work, not to mention my managers.  The Spirit event was something I will remember in that it brought together a group of knowledgeable, passionate and skilled people who were brimming with excitement to in their own way enhance the learner experience.  Personally I felt a great amount of pride to be recognised for what I had done at Lifetime in such as short amount of time.

I am so grateful for my time at Lifetime, it truly is a set of life changing people, with a great culture to boot!

I am starting the transition into a new role with a new organisation this week.  I will post something a little later in the month to fill you all in on my new journey.

Tom has been involved in the fitness industry for nearly 20 years. He is a specialist in rehabilitation, exercise referral and helping other fitness professionals to improve their business. He is also involved with course development, teaching, assessing and IQA of a range of training courses. He is always willing to meet other professionals so please do contact him via social media with any questions or just to say hello.

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