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Key steps in setting up a personal training business

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  • Key steps in setting up a personal training business

When you first set up as a personal trainer it can be a daunting task in terms of establishing your business.  But before you go out there and get started finding and working with clients there are a few simple things you should do to help the business run smoothly!

Here is my list of the top things you should do to get your business started:-

  1. Get qualified! If your not sure how read my previous article on becoming a personal trainer.
  2. Join REPs and get insured!
  3. Register as self employed, easy to do just ring up inland revenue!
  4. Set up a business bank account, this helps you to keep your finances organised.
  5. Decide on your niche and identify who your customers are.
  6. Design a product range.
  7. Set your price point.
  8. Write a marketing plan.
  9. Sell, upsell, and re-sell!
  10. Evaluate and develop!

The above steps are the same no matter what self-employed and working in a gym or as a mobile personal trainer.  It would also be a useful path for those working on a split or commission basis.

Over the next few weeks I am going to look at some of these areas in more detail, part of these articles will be a set of action points.  So expect a little bit of homework… believe me though it is easy to get a personal training up and going all it takes is action!

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Tom has been involved in the fitness industry for nearly 20 years. He is a specialist in rehabilitation, exercise referral and helping other fitness professionals to improve their business. He is also involved with course development, teaching, assessing and IQA of a range of training courses. He is always willing to meet other professionals so please do contact him via social media with any questions or just to say hello.