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  • A MUST Read! The Dark Side of Fat Loss
    HI All, Many of you regular blog readers will be aware I am a massive fan of Sean and his Underground Wellness You Tube Channel and Podcast.   Well I just ordered, and comsumed The Dark Side of Fat Loss e-book by Sean Croxton.  It is awesome, I really am having trouble putting it into words. […]
  • This is REAL!
    Hi All, This is a real picture of a gym in the states! Tell us whats wrong this picture?  Answers on the back of a postcard!  
  • Kesh Patel talks Posture
    Tom Godwin: May I first of all thank you for giving up time in your busy day to take part in this interview, it is great to have you on!   TG:  For anyone who has not heard of you, why don’t you tell us a little about your background in the world of fitness? […]

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Tom has been involved in the fitness industry for nearly 20 years. He is a specialist in rehabilitation, exercise referral and helping other fitness professionals to improve their business. He is also involved with course development, teaching, assessing and IQA of a range of training courses. He is always willing to meet other professionals so please do contact him via social media with any questions or just to say hello.