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    Hi All, Any of you out there who are fellow Underground Wellness fans out there will know what happens of 01/09/11 or for my US friends 09/01/11! It is the release of Sean’s first and I am sure it will not be his last e-book, look out for the review next month. Here is Brett […]
  • Vintage Industrial Furniture
    Hi All, Recently I was looking around for some new gear for the office, I stumbled across a really funky retro stuff from a business called Retrocedric. The style really is vintage industrial furniture, but covers the whole range of retro furniture and vintage furniture I bought some great items including a amazing vintage office […]
  • The Truth behind Chicken Nuggets
    Hi All, This is one of the most disturbing clips from Jamie Olivers trip to the states. He shows them what actually goes in to the chicken nuggets that they eat. He even states in every other case where he has done this experiment the kids have refused to eat them….. Not here! TOM
  • Crazy 4th July Parade!
    Hi All, Well I know I am late posting this one, but take a look at what the guys did at Fitness Quest 10 do on 4th July?? TOM
  • The Benefits of Coffee?!?
    Hi All, Just came across this great video by Josh Rubin from East West Healing, he is talking about the difficult subject of how to correctly use caffeine. So when and why should we drink coffee? Here is Josh’s answer: TOM  
  • 3 Stone over weight?
    Hi All Are you 3 stone or more overweight (or as we prefer to say over fat)? What do you have to look forward to? – 13 x more likly to suffer with type II diabetes – 4 x more likly to have high blood pressure – 3 x more likly to have a heart […]
  • Who is fitter?
    Hi All Depressiong research suggest that the avergae 50 year old is fitter than the average 25 year old! Lets look at the averages:- 25 year old – 2,300 calories per day – exercises 3 x per week – 12 junk meals per month 50 year old – 1,990 calories per day – exercises 4+ […]
  • Recovery
    Hi All, Came across this video by Todd Durkin talking about some of the great things you can do to promote recovery! TOM
  • A Great Workout!
    Hi All, Here is another great workout from Underground Wellness! TOM

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