A new adventure… Future Fit Training

Here it is the first day of my new adventure with an amazing organisation, I am very happy to be joining the award winning team over at Future Fit Training.

Future fit has been around for just under 25 years offering a range of amazing courses across three key disciplines, personal training, nutrition and Pilates.  One of the key things that I have been very impressed with is the organisations dedication to the quality of their provision and the fact that they (and in fact all training providers) should be producing fitness professionals that are fit for purpose.  Unfortunately this is not always the case and some course are offered in such an manner that the layering and development of knowledge, skills and behaviours is difficult to gain in the time allowed.  Future Fit want to raise the bar in the industry by offering industry leading qualifications that do as much as they can to prepare their learners to be successful in the fitness industry. 

Future fit produce a report called ‘Raising the bar’ in conjunction with UK Active, this report really sums up what the company is about… improving our industry through high-quality training and development of people.  This is something that I am greatly passionate about, and have been a follower of this report for a number of years.  If you have not read it, their report makes interesting reading as it shows what the operators feel about those entering the industry. 

So what is my role?  Today will be my first day as Training Manager, this exciting role allows me to bring together a great deal of my experience and skills together in one job.  My key responsibility is making sure that the training and development teams are working effectively and delivering an outstanding learner experience!  Many of you know me or have worked with me know that this is a very important aspect for me and I feel the learner should always be at the heart of what we do. 

I will have three key areas of responsibility, operational management of the delivery and technical support teams, overseeing IQA and quality of assessment and delivery, and finally Overseeing the Research and Development team.  I am really looking forward to working with these awesome teams! 

So only a couple of days in and I am loving the role, I have met a lot of amazing people who are passionate about the Future Fit product and learner experience.  I am looking forward to working with a team that does such amazing work and being with Future Fit on the next part of their journey.

Just a little photo from my first day… my daughter gave me a my little pony to take with me to show my new friends at Future Fit!  She even said we could have a play with it… so we showed it around Future Fit HQ and make it feel at home!  Things you do when you are a dad!!

Tom has been involved in the fitness industry for nearly 20 years. He is a specialist in rehabilitation, exercise referral and helping other fitness professionals to improve their business. He is also involved with course development, teaching, assessing and IQA of a range of training courses. He is always willing to meet other professionals so please do contact him via social media with any questions or just to say hello.

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