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  • Video: Ropes Gone Wild!
  • Review: Activate Diet Plus Protein
      It has been a few week since my last supplement review, so I thought I would put one up of an amazing product I have been using from Activate Nutrition Diet Protein Plus.  The guys over at Activate Nutrition sent me a 2lb tub to try, and they know what I like and sent […]
  • Video: Brain foods?
  • Review: Wild Trail Bars
    The guys over at Wild Trail foods recently sent me a selection of their incredibly good wholegrain cereal bars to try.  They sent me some of their orange and apricot bars and sour cherry.  The bars themselves are all wholegrain and made up of natural ingredients.  The Wild Trail bars really taste different to the […]
  • Video: Free running master class staring Ben Foden
    Here is a video of Ben Foden doing a free running master class. Awesome stuff!
  • Review: Fat Gripz
    I have been talking to clients and students about some of the benefits of fat bar training for a number of years, the key issue that is often flagged up is that most gyms do not have the correct equipment to make fat bar training possible. In fact fatter bars are very expensive making them […]
  • Interview: Olympian Helen Glover
    Hi All, We were honoured to do a short interview with Olympic Gold Medallist Rower Helen Glover, at the launch of the new Nissan Note.  Here is what she had to say to us! Hi Helen, congratulations on winning another gold at the World Championships! Can you start off by telling us how you got into Rowing? […]
  • Video: Outdoor Workout
    Hi All, Here is an amazing outdoor workout by the Underground Wellness team. TOM
  • Review: Eletewater
      It is very common that we talk of the importance of protein, carbohydrates and fats in our diet, but one of the most under rated and misunderstood macronutrients is water.  A while a go I read an amazing book called ‘Your Bodies Many Cries for Water’ by  Dr Batmanhelidj.  SInce this I have had […]

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